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Value Fresh Air & Box Ecoquest Living Air

Value Fresh Air & Box Ecoquest Living Air

Value Fresh Air & Box Ecoquest Living Air
Lowered fan speed for quieter operation. 3 levels of LCD brightness for day/night use. New Sleep button on remote control. Neutralizes smoke, various odors including chemical, cigarette smoke. Has sanitation option that is perfect against mold, microbes, viruses and majority of airborne germs.

Destructs heavy pollen particles, dust, dirt flakes, pet dander, or any other irritants. Reduces unpleasant odors in your house, office, car, camper etc.

Flexible settings, easily customized with the help of included remote, or respective buttons on the front control panel of the unit. Minimal noise level, almost silent operation. Has a built-in indicator that informs users when a scheduled maintenance or service check is needed. If you are looking for a reliable modern air purifier, then Fresh Air is going to be your best bet.

Although there are a lot of hi-tech gadgets on the air-cleaning market, none of them bear the exclusive mark "Certified in Space" - a unique sign of Space Foundation granted by NASA. Our engineers have successfully recreated the basic nature process of air cleaning, which allows Fresh Air to preserve air indoors crystal clean 24\7. Well-known worldwide as ActiveOx technology, it combines all processes together to bring you the very best quality of air cleaning, including elimination of fetid odors, smoke and other unpleasant atmospheric pollutants. With the Fresh Air technology used in our alpine living air purifiers we have achieved top positions on the market.

You won't need another demonstration of its capabilities once you have seen how effective Fresh Air by EcoQuest is. With Fresh Air by EcoQuest just a simple touch of a button fills the space around you with alpine crystal clean air. Featuring IntelliAirT system all alpine living air purifiers from Fresh Air series invented by EcoQuest prove to be unbelievably easy to handle. The unit is capable of operating in smart «hands-off» mode and maintaining a cool wind flow.

IntelliAirT system makes things easier for you when it comes to operating the device and setting desired modes or fan speed, and even more - with its notifications you will be able to neatly adjust the microclimate in your home or office! Air purifiers from series have achieved status of bestseller not by being just simple in use alone. It is the sophisticated technology that sells itself improving lives of numerous people worldwide. Armed with the unparalleled air-cleaning techniques combined together in SynAirG system, alpine living air purifier Fresh Air by ecoquest had deserved to be labeled "Space Certified" because of its unique ActiveOx technology. Just imagine how area around you slowly fills with air clean enough for astronauts to breath during their long-lasting space missions!

ActiveOx technology also includes one plate for even further purifying processes, germicidal UV light with high intensity (100% safe for human), plus proportional ionization as a cherry on top. All functions of this magnificent device can be easily accessed with one small remote control (batteries included for your convenience). Coverage: 250 - 3000 square feet.

100-240 Volts, 50-60HZ, 2.5A. 0-360 mg of ozone per hour. 5 speed fan - max 11,55 m3/min. 24 to 30 kv, 20-30 Khz ion generation pulsation.

Fixed 6 KV DC Needle ion generator. Programmable sanitation mode: 2,4,6,8 hours. Dimensions: 9" wide x 12" high x 12 deep.

Value Fresh Air & Box Ecoquest Living Air